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SIRUI A-1205 Carbon Fiber Entry Level Tripod / Monopod with Y-11 Head - A-Series

SIRUI A-1205 Carbon Fiber Entry Level Tripod / Monopod with Y-11 Head - A-Series

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Entry Level tripod with ball head Y-11
SIRUI A-1205 is a compact yet satisfying tripod for entry-level users. It equipped with a strong and stable ball head Y-11, with the retractable monopod and a removable center column, the small tripod offers every need of photographer. Whether in the bustling city or in exploring the exciting landscapes or in the home studio, the A-1205 is a reliable one. It fits easily into any photo bag with a portable size.

S-Grade "tripod generation
The SIRUI S-Grade is ergonomically designed with curved legs to optimize user and the tripod performance. The arch shape improves the load distribution from individual legs for better stability. The tripod also made of a non-slip magnesium alloy, ensures excellent performance of reducing vibration and stability.

Convertible to monopod
One leg of the SIRUI A-1205 can be removed and used as a separated monopod. This function turns the A-1205 into a 2in1 tripod, ready for any situation. If that is not enough, the monopod with the center column can be extended.

Extendible height
Despite the compact dimensions, the A-1005 tripod has a proud working height of 148.8cm (with head). The secret is the design of a retractable center column which extends the height. If you prefer low angle, you can also mount the center column upside down. The camera would never close to the ground!

Stability and intuitive usability
With the non-slip rubber feet, the A-1205 stands steady on any surface. The hook at the center column allows hanging additional weight (e.g. backpack) under the tripod for more stability. The 5 leg sections can be loosened by using the screw locks (ring locks) and then locked again. The soft rubber handles allow holding the tripod securely. In winter, it is also a protection against the cold.

Compact packed size
The 180 ° turn-up function of the legs is quality proofed, makes the SIRUI tripod a true packing wonder. The collapsed and packing size of A-1205 is only 37cm. The ball head Y-11 is completely closed.

Including Y-11 ball head in black
The ball head Y-11 carries cameras with weight up to 8kg. It is equipped with the safety Lock system to prevent accidental slipping of the release plate. Furthermore, it has a bubble level and a 360 ° panorama scale. It is also compatible with the Arca Swiss system.

- Convertible to monopod
- 8 layer carbon fiber in 5 sections
- Reversible 1/4 "and 3/8" screw for tripod heads or camera
- Fixing screw for tripod head
- Center column with edge against twisting
- Legs can be folded upwards by 180°
- Sealed screw caps ensure a firm hold
- Stabilizing hook and cold protection grips

Specifications- Tripod
- Height of tripod: 26 - 140cm
- Height of monopod: 31 - 149cm
- Packed size: 37cm
- Pipe diameter: 13 - 26mm
- Weight: 1kg
- Max. Load capacity: 10kg

Specifications- Ball head
- Weight: 0.28kg
- Max. Load capacity: 8kg
- Height: 88mm
- Ball diameter: 29mm
- Base diameter: 43mm
- Spirit level and safety pin
- Incl. TY-50E release plate

Delivery Package
1x SIRUI A-1205 carbon fiber tripod
1x SIRUI Y-11 ball head
1x SIRUI TY-50E release plate
1x Carry bag

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