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SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Macro Cine Full-Frame Zoom Lens / Film Lens

SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Macro Cine Full-Frame Zoom Lens / Film Lens

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SIRUI Jupiter - Our first full frame cine macro lens series

SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Cine Full Frame Zoom Lens / Film Lens / Video Lens

The SIRUI zoom lens 28-85mm T3.2 with 3x zoom. This lens covers full frame and larger camera sensors with high sharpness and minimal optical aberration, and can be used on a variety of professional camera systems.

3x Zoom
This lens covers a zoom range from wide-angle to medium telephoto (28mm to 85mm), greatly simplifying filmmaking options. Focus remains unchanged throughout the zoom range, keeping the story consistent and attractive.

Constant T-stops
An aperture range of T3.2 to T22 is offered for precise exposure control. Thoughtful designs like a stepless aperture ring and identical gears with 0.8mm graduations make this lens super comfortable to operate and use.

8K resolution
The image is sharp without being over-sharpened and tends to have more of a soft vintage look. The transition is smooth and natural with a pleasant bokeh in the background.

Smooth and Smooth Focus Control
The long focus travel of 259° is designed for precise and smooth focus pull. The focus ring has a dual scale with foot and meter, so the operator and assistant can read the scale simultaneously from different positions.

Focus Breathing
Focus breathing is well contained. No visible focus shift can be detected when changing focus.

Hard Case
Included with the 28-85 mm cine zoom is a specially designed hard case that protects against temperatures, water, dust, shock, etc.

Available for the following camera mounts:
PL mount
EF mount

With optionally available SIRUI adapters:
mount (PL -> E); E mount (EF -> E)
RF mount (PL -> RF); RF mount (EF -> RF)

Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Cine full frame zoom lens
1x SIRUI 110mm lens cap
1x SIRUI lens back cap
1x SIRUI carrying case
*Camera and adapter not included.

Technical data


SIRUI Jupiter 28-85mm T3.2 Cine full-frame zoom lens

Focal length

28-85 mm

Max. Aperture


Min. aperture


Lens design

22 elements in 18 groups

Aperture blades


Sensor size

Full format

Close focus distance

0,7 m - ∞

Focus Mode


Filter thread

110 x 0.75 mm

Focus ring rotation angle


Max. Diameter

114 mm

Aperture ring diameter 85.6 mm
Zoom ring diameter 89.6 mm

Focus ring diameter

94,4 mm


PL mount: 2520 g

EF mount: 2536 g

Length without lens cap

PL mount: 215 mm

EF mount: 223 mm

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