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SIRUI Sniper Series F1.2 APS-C Frame Autofocus Lens Set

SIRUI Sniper Series F1.2 APS-C Frame Autofocus Lens Set

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This Sniper Series APS-C Autofocus Lens Set, SIRUI's first autofocus lens set, includes 23mm, 33mm and 56mm focal length lenses. E/X/Z mounts are provided and there are three optional colors - black, white and silver. F1.2 ultra fast aperture and budget friendly lenses could be your best shooting partner.
23/33/56mm & 3 optional colors
E/X/Z Mount
F1.2 ultra fast aperture
Supporting cameras Eye AF feature helps focus on human eyes easily even if the subject moves fast. When videoing, the subject is always detected and tracked, thus helping to create a smooth and high-end production.
Subject Recognition
All three different focal length lenses feature F1.2 ultra fast aperture with shallow depth of field, high bokeh quality and isolating subject.
A fast shutter speed improves shooting efficiency and at the same time helps capture brilliant moments in time.
Reducing the use of light in low-light conditions makes you a run-and-gun filmmaker. Besides, there is no need to use extremely high ISO and you can get a pure night scene.
Popular focal lengths are included in this set to meet various shooting needs.
Equivalent to a 35mm full frame lens, suitable for humanity, scene, street, traveling, indoor shooting, etc.
Equivalent to a 50mm full frame lens, suitable for almost all shooting situations, such as portrait, food, still life, posing, etc.
Equivalent to a 85mm full frame lens, suitable for portrait-length prime, close-ups, long distance shooting, blurred background, etc.
STM motor design brings you quite
autofocus experience. Closer but quieter.
Close Distance AF
ED glass and high refractive index glass are added to reduce lens size and meanwhile provide outstanding optical performance with well controlled flare and ghost.
Focal Length EDGlass High Refractive Index Glass
23mm / 6
33mm 1 1
56mm 1 4
Minimal focus breathing and strictly controlled aberration allow focusing on the subject from beginning to end.
Image Gallery
11 aperture blades design creates soft and beautiful bokeh.
Outstanding Bokeh
Include petal-shaped lens hood for 23mm/33mm focal length lenses and round lens hood for 56mm focal length lens to reduce vignetting and prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens. Also, it is super easy to install and detach lens hoods.
Petal-shaped lens hood
Round lens hood
Choose black, white, silver or all to match your camera.
Ceramic Coating
Aluminum Alloy
You can create smooth and high-end productions thanks to identical gear position, uniform 58mm filter thread and same characteristic. Even when shooting with a stabilizer, lenses can also be quickly swapped without readjusting accessories.
58mm Filter Thread
only 380 g (0.8 lb )
92.2 mm (3.6 inches )
Electronic contact
Type-C port
*Support firmware update
360 degree focus
Model SIRUI 23mm F1.2 SIRUI 33mm F1.2 SIRUI 56mm F1.2
Focal Length 23mm 33mm 56mm
Lens Format
Aperture F1.2 - F16 F1.2 - F16 F1.2 - F16
Lens Structure 12 Elements in 11 Groups 11 Elements in 10 Groups 12 Elements in 11 Groups
Aperture Blade 11 11 11
0.3m 0.4m 0.6m
Filter Thread M58 * 0.75 M58 * 0.75 M58 * 0.75
Rotation Angle
of the Focus Ring
360¡ã 360¡ã 360¡ã
Lens Mount E / X / Z E / X / Z E / X / Z
E-Mount: 92.5 / 3.6
X-Mount: 92.2 / 3.6
Z-Mount: 94.2 / 3.7
E-Mount: 92.5 / 3.6
X-Mount: 92.2 / 3.6
Z-Mount: 94.2 / 3.7
E-Mount: 92.5 / 3.6
X-Mount: 92.2 / 3.6
Z-Mount: 94.2 / 3.7
E Mount: 381 / 0.8
X-Mount: 380 / 0.8
Z Mount: 386 / 0.9
E-Mount: 400 / 0.9
XMount: 398 / 0.9
Z Mount: 404 / 0.9
E-Mount: 422 / 0.9
X Mount: 419 / 0.9
Z-Mount: 427 / 0.9
What's in the box?
Single Lens
Lens x1
Package Box x1
Pouches x1
Lens hood x1
Warranty Card x1
Lens Set
Lenses x3
LensCase x1
Lens hood x3
Warranty Card x1