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SIRUI ND8 (0.9) rectangular grey filter 100x100mm (3 stops)

SIRUI ND8 (0.9) rectangular grey filter 100x100mm (3 stops)

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SIRUI ND8 (0.9) Rectangular Gray Filter 100x100mm (3 stops)

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What is a gray filter?
Gray filters, or neutral density (ND) filters, are homogeneously darkened over the entire filter area. Depending on the degree of density, there are lighter and darker gray filters. They reduce the amount of light that passes through the lens onto the sensor without changing colors or contrasts in the image.

Why do you need a gray filter?
Filters are indispensable for long exposures during the day and open up countless creative possibilities. Without the use of the SIRUI Grey Filter, the result would be a considerably overexposed image.

- Soft smear or flow effects of moving water or passing clouds.
- Busy places with lots of people or busy streets can be made deserted by long exposures with a gray filter.
- For working with an open aperture to create a shallow depth of field. Large amounts of light are compensated for by the filter. It simply "swallows" a large portion of the light and you don't have to rely on compensating via camera settings (such as aperture, time or ISO).

Material and workmanship
The high quality of SIRUI filters starts with the material: they are made of Schott glass manufactured in Germany. The glass is fire-polished, which ensures a perfect optical surface. This process also makes the glass extremely robust and resistant. Rounded corners and polished edges make the filter glass more break-proof. This also makes it easier to insert the filter into the holder. The precise workmanship meets the highest standards. Precise measuring procedures and strict quality control ensure the consistent high-end quality of our filters.

2mm thick German Schott glass manufactured in Germany
- translucent to the highest degree
- distortion-free image over the entire filter surface
- high solarization stability (no change in properties even under sunlight)
- high chemical resistance
- fire-polished, for a perfect optical surface
- extremely robust and resistant

Coating and protection
Ultra Slim multiple nano-coating on both sides
- maximum light transmission
- linear and full-surface reduction of reflections (anti-reflective)
- precise colour reproduction and colour fidelity

Exclusive gray film coating on bothsides
- perfectly linear light reduction from filter edge to filter edge
- uniform darkening of the image without color cast or contrast changes

Additional protective film on both sides
- water, grease and dirt repellent
- scratch resistant
- antistatic
- easy cleaning

Features and data
- ND8 (0.9) | 3 stops | swallows 3 f-stops | extension factor 8x
- Reduces the amount of light for long exposures during the day
- Double-sided grey film and multiple nano coating
- Additional protective film, on both sides
- Rounded corners and polished edges
- Material: optical 2mm Schott glass from Germany
- Size: 100 x 100mm

A 100mm filter holder is required to use this filter.

Filter holder systems 100mm wide

Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI ND8 (0.9) rectangular grey filter 100x100mm
1x padded filter bag

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