SIRUI ST tripods, water and dust protected, light and compact.

The ideal tripods for mirrorless cameras and compact DSLRs.

The tripods are protected against water, dirt and dust. They have a newly designed lock mechanism for convenient operation. The tripod tubes are made of carbon (weight reduction, stability gain, low vibration).

Another special feature of these tripods is the triangular central column. The triangular design prevents twisting and reduces vibrations. Of course, the column can be mounted upside down for ground level shooting.

The legs can be adjusted in three click stops. Each leg consists of 4 or 5 sections with 3 or 4 sealed twist locks (ring locks). The rubber feet and the removable metal spikes allow the tripod to stand securely on any surface.

A stabilizing hook on the center column is as much part of the SIRUI standard as the carrying bag.