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SIRUI Saturn 35/50/75mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphotes Carbon-Vollformat-Objektiv - for diverse Kameraanschlosse

SIRUI Saturn 35/50/75mm T2.9 1.6x anamorphotes Carbon-Vollformat-Objektiv - for diverse Kameraanschlosse

Saturn D35B
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After 35mm lens, SIRUI is now launching another two full frame anamorphic lenses, the 50mm and the 75mm, to further complement the Saturn Series Anamorphic Lens Set.
6 optional mounts
1.6x Squeeze Ratio
Classic Blue Flares & Neutral Flares
Equivalent to a 47mm horizontally.
Equivalent to a 22mm horizontally.
Equivalent to a 31mm horizontally.
The Saturn Series 35, 50, 75mm's front barrel are constructed with carbon fiber and high precision glass moulding aspherical elements have been used to reduce overall all 3 lenses weight to less than 500g. This lightweight full frame anamorphic lens will be your first on-the-go choice!
Focus Shift
Without Focus Shift
Aspheric lenses have a key advantage in their ability to correct for spherical aberration. This means that optical designers can achieve aberration correction with fewer elements compared to conventional spherical optics. Consequently, using a smaller number of aspheric lenses can replace many spherical lenses to achieve similar or better optical results.
Carbon Fiber
SIRUI's independent and innovative R&D make sure that the three lenses in this set are designed with similar weight. When used on cameras or other setups, the overall weight remains favorable.
DJI Ronin 4D
The classic blue flares provide a mystery or cool image for sci-films
Neutral flares change color depending on the light source, which is great for commercial, general, and warm shots.
No Cropping, Stunning Image Quality, 2.4:1 & 2.8:1 Cinema Scope Aspect Ratios
3:2 Sensor¡úDesqueeze to a 2.4:1 Aspect Ratio
16:9 Sensor¡úDesqueeze to a 2.8:1 Aspect Ratio
The 1.6x squeeze factor renders an oval and elongated bokeh, and a strong sense of compression, which is helpful in separating the subject from the background and adding an artistic touch to your film.
Dreamy Oval Bokeh
Sharp Image In the Center
Edge Distortion
Matching Color Tones
Carbon Fiber Front Barrel
Identical Gear Position
Filter Thread: 62mm
Rotation Angle of the Focus Ring: 120¡ã
What's in the box?
Single Lens
Package Boxx1
Warrant Cardx1
Lens Set
Safety Casex1
Adapter Ringx1
Warrant Cardx1
Lens Set
Safety Casex1
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