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SIRUI LD-S light stand 2.8 m + Quick Softbox 60 cm for SIRUI continuous light C60 / C60B / C60R aso.

SIRUI LD-S light stand 2.8 m + Quick Softbox 60 cm for SIRUI continuous light C60 / C60B / C60R aso.

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Control light perfectly
With the SIRUI LD-S Softbox, the light of the connected continuous light (not included) is specifically positioned and soft. Ideal for portrait photography.

The Quick Softbox is easily and quickly set up like an umbrella and the struts snap into place with a click. To release the struts, simply press one button each.

The SIRUI softbox is equipped with a Bowens compatible bayonet and is therefore suitable for many flash units and continuous lights that have a Bowens S-Type compatible connection.

For very soft light and to soften cast shadows, an inner diffuser and a front diffuser are included. And for targeted light control, the louver (grid) can be raised.

The spring-loaded tripod can be extended from 95 - 280 cm, so you can reach up to 3 m center height depending on the flash unit / continuous light. The flash unit / permanent light can be connected by means of the 5/8" spigot or 1/4" standard thread.

Technical data Softbox
16 struts
- Diameter: 60 cm
- Depth: 30 cm
- Pack size: Height 42.5 cm / Diameter: 18 cm
- Weight (with grid and diffuser fabrics): 1100 g

Technical data light stand
- Height: 95 - 280 cm
- Packing size: Height 98 cm / Diameter: 9 cm
- Weight: 2 kg
- Load: 10 kg
- Material: Aluminum
- Connectors: Spigot 5/8" and thread 1/4"

SIRUI LED continuous lights C60 and C60B
Flashes or continuous lights with Bowens S-Type bayonet

Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI Softbox 60cm
1x Front diffuser
1x Inner diffuser
1x Grid
1x Softbox bag
1x SIRUI Light stand 2,8 m
*Flash unit / continuous light not included in delivery.

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