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SIRUI PH-10 Gimbal Tripod Head Lightweight Carbon Fiber - PH Series

SIRUI PH-10 Gimbal Tripod Head Lightweight Carbon Fiber - PH Series

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SIRUI PH-10 Gimbal Head - Little Body, Heavy Duty

Material: 10-layer Carbon Fiber
Max. Load: 15kg / 33lbs
Product Weight: 0.98Kg / 2.16lbs
Max Loading: 15Kg / 33lbs
Accessory Screws: 1/4”, 3/8”
Screw Port: 3/8”
Size: 208 x 172 x 70mm / 8.19 x 6.77 x 2.76 inches (Height x Length x Width)


10-Layer High Strength, 0.98KG Light Weight
Compared to large gimbal heads for DSLR, the SIRUI PH-10 Gimbal Head with the 10-layer carbon-fiber body reduces its weight down to 0.98kg/2.16lbs, yet it is still strong enough to support a professional photo/video gear even attached with a telephoto lens.

Conquer the outdoor
The Gimbal head supports up to a 15kg/33lbs load to perfectly fit with a mirrorless camera and compatible 200mm-600mm telephoto lens for steady and smooth outdoor shoots. Ideal for bird watching, sports photography, telescope and other outdoor scenarios.

Ultra-Smooth Steady Head Adjustments
Quality built with ergonomically-designed structure, the gimbal head smoothly moves even when attached with a large heavy camera lens and counter balance your camera and lens as you turn the head.

Slide Your Sights
Easily attach a compatible photo/video equipment to the quick release plate and slide the platform with precision scale marks up or down to vary shooting height and your sights.

Omni-directional Creation
With the 360 degree rotaing base and panoramic base, frame your inspiration by panning or tilting the head as desired for fast shot tracking and extension whether in a pleasant or harsh environment.

Independent Locking Knobs
Manually adjust position setting with the four independent locking knobs for track, base, sliding platform and quick release plate control.

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