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SIRUI VD-01 Anamorphic Attachment Lens with Clip for Smartphones

SIRUI VD-01 Anamorphic Attachment Lens with Clip for Smartphones

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SIRUI VD-01 anamorphic attachment lens with clip for Smartphones

Awaken the director in you!

The SIRUI VD-01 Cine attachment lens takes smartphone videography to a whole new level and exceeds the demands of today's smartphone cineasts across the board. With a ratio of 2.4:1, normal smartphone videos become cinematic widescreen movies.

Normal attachment lenses are usually not able to create the popular science fiction light reflexes and bokeh effects. But the retro-style coating of the SIRUI VD-01 lens enables exactly these effects. Hollywood has never been so close. The times of big and heavy video cameras are over. Professional video films are now produced with the smartphone.

With the SIRUI Smarter App the videos are transformed into the ratio 2.4:1. We also recommend the app "FiLMiC Pro" (fee required) for even more professional editing functions.

SIRUI's lens attachments are manufactured with the highest precision and from only the best materials. They consist of several glass lenses made of German Schott glass. They have multiple coating and anti-reflection coating. This minimizes reflections and increases light transmission. The lenses guarantee authentic colour reproduction and are characterised by low distortion and vignetting. Best imaging performance up to the image edge is guaranteed.

What is the SIRUI VD-01?
An anamorphic attachment lens for mobile phones for breathtaking film shots in Hollywood quality.

What can the SIRUI VD-01 do?
With its 2.4:1 ratio, the lens enables cinematic widescreen shots in professional film look. The special coating of the lenses produces the so popular science-fiction light reflections and bokeh effects.

How do I use the SIRUI VD-01?
The lens is screwed into the supplied smartphone clip and then plugged into the mobile phone. It has a soft rubber coating on the inside of the clip, so that a) the smartphone is not scratched and b) it sits non-slip on the phone.

Technical Specifications
- Front diameter: 35mm
- Height: 20mm
- Weight: 19g
- Magnification: 1.33x
- Connector: SIRUI E-Bayonet (metal)
- Construction: 3 lenses in 2 groups
- Resolution: 500Lp/mm (center), 300Lp/mm (edge)
- Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
- Lens material: German Schott glass, multi-coated
- Lens body & mount material: durable aircraft aluminum

Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI VD-01 attachment lens
1x Smartphone clip
*iPhone not included

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