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SIRUI Nano Pro MRC ND1000 Grey Filter Alu 77-82mm

SIRUI Nano Pro MRC ND1000 Grey Filter Alu 77-82mm

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SIRUI Nano CPL Pro MRC ND1000 Grey Filter Alu 77-82mm

SIRUI Grey Filter - against overexposure, for effective photos

Gray Filter / Neutral DensityFilter
The SIRUI Nano CPL Pro MRC ND filter reduces the amount of light without changing colors or contrasts in the image. It is indispensable for long exposures during the day. If you want to capture smear or flow effects, e.g. with flowing water, a slow shutter speed is necessary. Without the use of the SIRUI Grey Filter, a considerably overexposed image would result. Furthermore, neutral density filters are suitable for working with an open aperture to create a shallow depth of field. The large incidence of light is compensated for by the filter.

ND1000 / ND 3.0
The SIRUI ND1000 filter has a neutral density of ND 3.0, which corresponds to a 1000-fold (or 1024-fold) extension factor or 10 f-stops.

Multicoated (MC)
The 4-layer protective coating of the multicoating is anti-static, water and oil repellent and extremely resistant to scratches or dirt.

Nano Color Cast Reduction
The 2-layer Nano coating reduces color casts for accurate color reproduction.

German 1.5mm Slim Glass
The B270 Schott glass is made in Germany and features 22-layer nano grey film for uniform light reduction, 0.098% light transmission and reduces reflections.

High quality aluminium mount
The high quality aluminium ring is only 2.8mm (visible) thin and therefore shows no vignetting even with wide angle lenses over 16mm focal length. The smooth-running thread ensures high conclusiveness.

Features & Data
- Reduces the amount of light for long exposures during the day
- Protects the lens against external influences
- High quality Schott glass B270 from Germany
- 1,5mm glass thickness - 2,8mm visible metal mount - ideal for wide angle lenses.
- Multicoated - 4-fold multi-coating
- Nano color cast reduction - 2-layer - Nano anti-reflective grey film coating - 22-layer
- ND1000 / ND3.0 - swallows 10 f-stops - extension factor 1000
- Material: Aluminium, Glass
- Filter thread: 77mm

The required filter size depends on the lens diameter (filter thread). Before ordering, please check if the diameter of the offer fits to that of your lens!

Lenses with 77mm filter thread

Scope of delivery
1x SIRUI Nano CPL Pro MRC ND1000 Grey Filter 77mm
1x SIRUI 82mm Filter Cap
*Lens is not included.

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