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SIRUI K-20X Ball Head Aluminium Black (98mm height) - KX Series

SIRUI K-20X Ball Head Aluminium Black (98mm height) - KX Series

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Maximize your control

The SIRUI KX ball heads are manufactured with the utmost precision and care. The high quality of the tripod heads is guaranteed by high-end CNC milling and a high-quality surface coating. With the KX series, the sphere tolerance between ball and bearing is a maximum of 0.01mm.

The K-20X head works particularly precisely and smoothly. With its load capacity of up to 25kg, it has your camera firmly under control. The base can be rotated 360°, ideal for panorama shots. The locking knob for the ball can be limited via a scale in the end stop. So you can adjust the mobility of the head individually to your camera. This prevents, for example, excessive loosening of the ball and thus unintentional tilting of the camera. The Safety Lock System prevents the quick-release plate from slipping accidentally.

The clamping device for the removable plate is compatible with the Arca Swiss System and allows the use of various plates.

- Rubber-coated buttons
- 360° panorama function with scale (5° stepless steps)
- Friction control: Locking knob in end stop limitable
- 90° portrait notch for portrait photography
- 3 leveling bubbles for ideal alignment
- Safety Lock System - secures your equipment
- Arca Swiss compatible
- Rubberized removable Plate: TY-50X
- Plate with 1/4" screw
- Head with 3/8" thread
- Three oblong holes for perfect positioning
- Strap eyelet for hand loop in the plate

Technical Data of K-20X
- Material: aluminum
- Colour: black
- Height: 98mm
- Weight: 400g
- Load capacity: 25kg

Tripods with 3/8" threaded screw
Arca Swiss quick release system

Scope of Delivery
1x SIRUI K-20X Ball Head
1x SIRUI TY-50X Quick Release Plate
1x Transport Bag

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