SIRUI 24mm f2.8 anamorphic lens 1.33x

The 24mm lens is available in five variants:
E-Mount (for Sony), EF-M-Mount (for Canon EOS M), Z-Mount (for Nikon Z), X-Mount (for Fujifilm), MFT | M4/3 | Micro Four Thirds (for Olympus/Panasonic)

Widescreen Format - Light Effect Blue-Flares - Oval Bokeh

Cinematographers' demands for anamorphic lenses have resulted in expensive options that make it difficult for film lovers to purchase a quality product. With the introduction of SIRUI's anamorphic lens, there is now a high quality, lightweight product that offers all the anamorphic features at an affordable price.

Compared to a conventional 24mm APS-C lens, the SIRUI 24mm F2.8 anamorphic camera lens produces cinematic 2.4: 1 widescreen video with a 33% increase in horizontal field of view. The F2.8 camera lens is compact and rugged, yet lightweight enough to easily create cinematic widescreen footage.

When you convert a 16:9 shot to a 2.4:1 aspect ratio on a computer, post-processing applications typically degrade the image, resulting in a less satisfying high-definition cinematic experience. With the SIRUI 24mm lens, the subject height is completely preserved and the shot becomes up to 33% larger in width while maintaining the same quality. The lens is designed with an innovative optical lens structure to achieve unique visual characteristics. It also delivers sharp images at high resolution.

Wonderful oval bokeh

When the image is released, the bokeh behind the subject expands in an oval shape to create a dreamy film look that will captivate viewers.

Stunning blue flares

Thanks to the unique characteristics of anamorphic light, this lens produces horizontal blue flares with low flare on strong light sources to create attractive sci-fi brush and backlight effects.

Easy aperture and focus control

Rotate the aperture ring to achieve the lens' depth of field, horizontal flares and cinematic bokeh effects for a desired movie shot, whether in low or high light.

High-Quality Film Shooting

Featuring an innovative optical structure and optical glass lens elements from German manufacturer Schott, this anamorphic lens minimizes optical distortion, making it ideal for displaying sharp, high-auflesion images.